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Customised hearing protection
communication systems

Exposure to very loud sounds, prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss. This occurs gradually and cumulatively over a number of years.
We can supply a range of noise protection solutions for:

• Motorcyclists

• Industry

• Musicians and DJs

• Shooters

• Sky-Divers

• Those in need of a good night’s sleep

We can also supply earplugs for swimmers and those engaging in other water sports.

Custom made products

We supply a wide range of products. These are produced from impressions taken of the user’s ears. This provides an individual and unique fit, providing guaranteed levels of protection. The custom mould can be fitted with a choice of noise-reducing filters depending on your particular requirements.

Instant-fit products

We also supply a wide range of these products which do provide certain levels of hearing protection provided they are properly fitted.

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