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Audiology Services

• Hearing Assessments
• Provision of Digital Hearing Aids
• Customised Hearing Protection and Communication Systems
• Assistive Listening Devices

We also can provide specialist services in the following areas:

• Assessment of Children’s Hearing
• Assessing the hearing of individuals with Complex Needs and Learning Disabilities
• Assisting people who are deaf/blind
• Education and training

More about our services

Hearing Assessments and Hearing Aid provision

If you are concerned about your hearing contact us to discuss the difficulties you are experiencing or to arrange for an appointment to have your hearing assessed.
It is advisable but not essential to have first visited your GP before the initial consultation, if only to ensure that your ears are not blocked with wax.

The assessment of your hearing system will take an hour to an hour and a half
and will involve:

• Discussing your hearing difficulties, lifestyle requirements and medical history.
• A thorough examination of your auditory canal.
• A hearing test, comprising of listening for pure tones by air conduction and bone conduction, will establish levels in both ears.
• Speech audiometry to evaluate how well you hear speech.
• A full explanation of your hearing loss, evaluation and requirements will be given.
• It is also important to have the support of your family to deal effectively with hearing loss and effective use of hearing aids, it is therefore important to have a close family member or friend with you at the consultation.
• If you need to be referred back to your GP following the assessment of your hearing this will be done only with your permission.


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