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Areas of Specialist Expertise/Interest
Assessment of Children’s Hearing

Our audiologist has over 20 years experience in assessing the hearing needs of children and providing amplification solutions (including suitable FM and Sound Field systems).
Following the assessment of a child’s hearing we can provide suitable, technologically advanced digital hearing aid systems to enable children to make the most effective use of their hearing, particularly in learning situations.
Complex Needs and Learning Disabilities
Many people with learning disabilities (perhaps as many as 80%) have hearing difficulties. Our audiologist has many years experiencing assessing the hearing acuity and providing amplifications solutions for children and adults with complex needs and learning disabilities.
Following assessment of hearing we are in a position to advise parents, carers, teachers and friends on communication strategies and effective use of hearing aids.
Education and Training
We have extensive experience in delivering training in the field of hearing impairment and the effective use of hearing aid technology in a variety of settings (including FM and sound field systems).
We can also provide deaf awareness sessions.

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